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Toborochi Trees!

The Toborochi tree is one of the symbols of Santa Cruz. They're all over the city. They're one of a number of flowering trees we have. There are also red, yellow and purple trees (with various names).

Usually the Toborochi's flower for a week or so and then the flowers start to fade and fall off. This year the blooms seemed to last forever. Someone said it was because we got a good rain at just the right time.

One Sunday after church, Isabel wanted to go take a nice picture with the guys. Most of them really liked the idea. It was a lot of pink for a couple of them. =)

At any rate, for over a month probably, we got to enjoy the trees. I meant to film the drive from my apartment to the guys' house sooner, but I never got around to it. So some of the trees are already fading in the video. But you can imagine what they looked like at the height of their flowers.

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