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Why We Exist

In Bolivia, over 9,000 children live in state run homes.  As young adults they are required to leave these homes when they reach the age of 18.  Often they struggle with this transition and statistics tells us that 85% turn or return to living on the street and homelessness. 


These young people are intelligent and capable of completing a post-secondary vocational, college or university education, but have neither the finances to pay for this education nor a place to live nor a supportive network of relationships while doing so.  

By providing a place to live, food and clothing, mentoring, support and coaching, and by paying for their post-secondary education, La Jornada works to break the cycle of poverty by intervening at this critical point in their lives. 


It is our desire to build a foundation from which these young men can develop self-esteem and find a role in Bolivian society as educated and productive adults.


From our supporters:


Murray Long, Vice Principal - Saskatoon Christian School

"I have had the honour of witnessing many Bolivian young men be transformed into leaders who love Jesus and learn what it means to be in a family, through La Jornada."


Maghen Moorgen - Board Member

“My husband and I travelled to Bolivia, initially as leaders of a student group, and then later with our family. We fell in love with Bolivia and the students at La Jornada!"


Bryce Ashlin-Mayo, Pastor - Westlife Church

"I have known about La Jornada since its inception. I have visited several times and have been very impressed by how the home is run, the quality of leaders involved and, most importantly, the disciples of Jesus it produces."

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