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La Jornada

This is a quick glimpse into the lives and stories of some of our students.

* The e-mail address at the end of this video has changed. For more information on supporting one of the guys,

please contact Ken at

Our lives in Bolivia

  Our Christmas celebration this year!

  A tour of the house and an introduction to the guys.

  Our adventure in Santiago....

  A little peak at Andres' proposal...      

Bolivians always have method to their madness. 

The guys eventually figured out how to protect us from the rain using tree branches and random garbage they found in the park.

Going back a few years...

Andres, Roberto and Yimy's trip to Canada!  We did everything possible between Lake Louise and Toronto!


Christmas is always a special time for us.  Here's an entertaining glimpse of what happens.


This is a video of Andres' soccer ministry from a few years ago.  If you look closely, you'll see a few faces you recognize!


Going back to the very beginning!  The first crew in the early days of La Jornada!

These are some of the stories of the first group of guys in La Jornada.  

An older video of the home going back to 2012.  Lots of familiar faces here.


A few more fun videos...

Seeing "snow" for the first time up in Cochabamba...

A little glimpse into what driving in South America sometimes looks like!

My friend the sloth.  He was an old grandpa sloth that knew exactly where he wanted to go.

The infamous truck crash from a few years ago.

What Christmas and New Years looks like in Bolivia...

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