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About La Jornada

From our supporters:


Murray Long, Vice Principal - Saskatoon Christian School

"My name is Murray Long and I am a Vice Principal at Saskatoon Christian School. I have been taking teams of grade 11 students down to Bolivia since 2007. I have had the honour of witnessing many Bolivian young men be transformed into leaders who love Jesus and learn what it means to be in a family, through La Jornada.  There they can ask questions, ask for prayer, and learn to love like Jesus loves.  


I have also witnessed my own students changed through the experience.  They've been stretched as they've grown into new ways of being and engaging with the world. Through their friendships and interactions with the students at La Jornada, I have watched my students have their worldviewss radically changed. This annual trip is the single most transformational event at Saskatoon Christian School."


Maghen Moorgen - Board Member 

“My husband and I travelled to Bolivia, initially as leaders of a student group and then later with our family. We fell in love with Bolivia and the students at La Jornada! We were impressed by how well rounded the ministry is. There is a focus on all aspect of life for these young men - spiritual mentorship, educational provision, mental/emotional support and awareness, physical wellness, learning to live together as family, as well as learning basic day to day life skills.

We have now been supporting La Jornada since 2015, and have seen first-hand how our support is being used. It has been significant to put a face, a name, a relationship and someone’s personal story to our support. We have seen how La Jornada has given these young men the opportunity to change their lives, an opportunity that likely seemed impossible just a few short years ago. Each of these young men have an incredible and unique story as to how they ended up at La Jornada.  They have worked so hard to achieve their educational and personal goals and it is a privilege to be a part of their lives in this small way!”


Bryce Ashlin-Mayo, Pastor - Westlife Church 

"I have known about La Jornada since its inception. I have visited several times and have been very impressed by how the home is run, the quality of leaders involved and, most importantly, the disciples of Jesus it produces. La Jornada is intentional about creating an environment of transformation that see young men transformed from their past into the leaders of the future.


Using a holistic approach, La Jornada is able to build into these young men and see results that few organizations are able to achieve. God is at work in Bolivia and He is doing some of His best work in and through La Jornada."

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