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Sandro's a good preacher...

Well, maybe he wasn't preaching exactly, but Sandro is getting really good at public speaking. He hates it mind you, because he gets so nervous. But I explained that's how I felt too, back in the day. Eventually you get used to it. But for sure, when Sandro gets up there, he's a natural!

The home (Mision Timoteo) that he, Paul, Carlos and Brayan grew up at was celebrating their anniversary and Sandro was asked to share his testimony. We have it video taped and someday I'll add subtitles and post it. But for now, here are a few pictures of the celebration. It was held at one of the churches that supports the home.

We had a time of praising God with the worship team.

The wife of the Dutch missionary couple who started the home shared some of their story.

Sandro sharing his testimony.

The staff and children in the home.

Carlos and Sandro with Tia (Aunt) Martha. Tia Martha has served for many years in

the home and is like a mom to the children there. She's a wonderful, Godly woman!

Of course we went out for chicken afterwards to celebrate! It's what we do!

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