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Rain never slows us down...

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

I learned a long time ago (and my wife has reinforced this often), if you want to be a good camba (someone from Santa Cruz), you need to to have churascos (BBQ's) on a regular basis! And I've also learned that it doesn't matter who they are (my wife included), when it comes to a good BBQ, cambas can eat me under the table every time!

So...every once in awhile, I have a BBQ with the guys in the park across the street from our apartment, just to make sure that I'm staying culturally sensitive! =)

We always have a good time, and even a little rain doesn't slow us down. The guys are great at figuring out what to do in those moments. This day, when the rain started, they found some rope and wire from a garbage bin and some plastic from my truck and jury-rigged a solution.

It's always entertaining watching them figure these things out.

Rodrigo getting the grill and meat ready and cooking!

Then the rain started....

Doing what Bolivians do best! Just figuring it out!

A few funny videos to give you an idea of the process. =)

We ate well and that's the important part!

Another successful family barbeque! Rain or no rain, we have a good time!

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