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In our ongoing quest to keep everyone occupied, last week at our Saturday lunch with the guys, my wife came up with the idea of making origami.

Origami, you ask? The Japanese art of folding paper?

Yes...I also was somewhat unconvinced. But I've learned to go along with my wife's ideas.

So I did my part and threw in a movie for whoever managed the best piece of origami....or any origami really. Competition and a prize often helps these things along. I was still not sure that we would see much enthusiasm for this particular endeavor, but I remained outwardly...well, excited is maybe too strong of a word. Let's say....mostly positive. Or at any rate, I kept a smile on my face.

This week my wife showed up with coloured paper, some instructional videos on her phone and a "let's do this!" spirit in her heart. God bless her...

We got off to a bit of a slow start. We mostly just made paper airplanes.

But then Rodrigo and a couple of the guys realized you could make manly origami. Dinosaurs and dragons and whatnot. Of course I made a butterfly, because....well, why not.

It turned out to be a lot of fun! Some of the guys got into it more than others. Mario just watched wrestling on TV and gave us the occasional hand flick of acknowledgement when we called his name to come join us. There were also different levels of giftedness, shall we say, but that's okay. Art is art.

Here are some pictures of our process and the end results. Enjoy! =)

Making paper airplanes...

My wife's encouragement...

Ken trying to figure out what the friendly Japanese lady is talking about...

Jose making a flower...which he already knew how to do. But he made a better one...

Our final projects...

A dinosaur (with a rider), a penguin and a dog, a butterfly and...well, a picture...

There was also Jesus on the cross, random planes (and Star Wars ships) and a basket or something...

Today when I went over to the house, Rodrigo showed me what he'd been working on. A fairly intricate plane, a boat....and the elusive dragon!

The dragon is cool. Maybe cooler than it looks in this picture! =)

Anyhow, that was our weekend. And I didn't even run into any policemen...

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1 Comment

Feb 11, 2021

I laughed at the policeman thing. LOL This is cool and I completely feel your face in that first photo...because it looked like my face trying to practice cursive with my boys During at home learning (it‘s not in their regular curriculum).

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