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Gettin' the house looking pretty...

We used to paint inside the house every couple of years. Then we started doing it in conjunction with the Christian school. All those gringo helpers made the work go fast and it was a great way for everyone to get to know each other before we headed out into the world.

Then...Covid. The gringos didn't come and we were shut down completely. I didn't even see the guys for almost two months during the first quarantine. After awhile I started sneaking over to visit with them, but buying paint and whatnot was out of the question.

To be honest, then we got kind of used to the status quo....the chipped and peeling paint. The dirty handprints everywhere (you'd think it was a house of two year old's sometimes)...cracks in the wall.

So this year we decided to paint and get everything looking nice for Christmas. The great thing is, it's not as big of a job as it might be, if we didn't have ten guys (mostly) ready and raring to go.

Here are a few pictures of the process...

Andres checking to see if the paint test spots were dry. They weren't...

Fixing and sanding the walls to get them ready to be painted.

Lots of work and smiling faces...especially after Ken yelled, "Smile like you're having fun!"

We bought a ladder a few years ago, which helped cut down on the sketchy

"Bolivian way" of painting up high. This is...mostly not sketchy....

The finished product! It was a big improvement!

Now we just have to paint upstairs in the guys' bedrooms. That's a project for after Christmas! It's definitely great having the place look nice and clean! I'll post pictures of the next phase of the project when we get there! =)

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