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What Makes Us Unique

La Jornada is a permanent residence for up to ten young men based in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  La Jornada provides these young men with a home while they study and complete their post-secondary education.  All of these young men are ex-street kids or were abandoned as children

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Building a Foundation

Street kids in Bolivia grow up believing they are disposable, invisible, insignificant, and unloved. At La Jornada, they experience unconditional love - some 

for the first time.  They begin to see their value and learn how to be a part of a family.  The name La Jornada means, "The Journey" and speaks of our desire to walk alongside our students through whatever challenges they face.


How You Can Help

Money raised by La Jornada provides food and housing for ten residents, and covers tuition and transportation costs while they are enrolled in full-time post-secondary education. Your gift will help one of these young men further their dream of a career and a future free from the worries of poverty.  It will help bring hope and build leaders for the future.

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